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About Us

Nite Track exists to make night vision technology available and accessible to anyone who wants it. Whether you’re a boater, an avid outdoorsman, or just want a way to see clearly even in near-perfect darkness, we want to make it possible for you to see at night.

To make that happen we have to consider the technology, the usability, and the price.

First there’s the technology. Really seeing your surroundings at night means being able to see detail… to have proper depth perception… to see at the periphery…

The normal options you’ll find in most outdoor stores don’t do the job. They either give you a fuzzy green image that lacks depth perception or they use infrared technology and you get no sense of the details of your surroundings — just silhouettes and outlines.

Second, there’s the usability. If you need to see clearly at night, it’s optimal to be able to do that at a glance. That means not looking through a scope or a set of binoculars. You need a hands-free system that lets you shift your view seamlessly between your real vision and your enhanced vision.

And third, there’s the price. Traditional infrared and i2 systems are either cheap and not very functional or well-made and very expensive — out of the price range of most individuals.

At Rubicon we knew there was another option — one that met our criteria of being the highest quality and most functional while still being affordable. And now it’s our mission to get this technology into the hands — and onto the boats and ATVs — of anyone who wants it.

And who are we?

John Totsch

John Totsch

When it comes to night vision, John’s mission is to provide solutions that everyone can afford. He’d like to see this technology being used for many applications by everyday citizens… not just in the hands of elite government agencies.

John has a technical background. He served in the Navy. And after that he went on to work with a variety of small Silicon Valley start-ups. In 1993, he became a consultant, developing mission-specific surveillance for government and law enforcement agencies. He worked with the Army and donated more than $100k in technology to Operation Iraqi Freedom.

After 18 years in the business, John wanted to take the technology he’s worked with for so many years and make it available to anyone who wants it.

With Nite Track, that is exactly what’s happening. Nite Track lets you get out at night, relax, have fun, and stay safe.

Bill Pulliam

Bill Pulliam

Bill is an avid boater. He has been all his life, so it’s no surprise that he puts a high priority on boating safety. After experiencing Nite Track first hand, Bill recognized it as one of the greatest safety tools available for boaters at night.

Bill joined the Nite Track team at its inception, becoming the National Sales Director. He jumped at the chance to help get Nite Track into the hands — and onto the boats — of as many people as possible.  

Bill has more than 30 years of sales and project management experience. And he is always happy to assist you with product questions and sales information, whether you’re an individual interested in better boating safety or a distributor looking to make Nite Track technology available to your customers.

Kevin Dougherty

Kevin Dougherty

Kevin Dougherty has a background in law enforcement. He was working on an anti-crime operation at the Miami airport when he met John. The available video surveillance equipment wasn’t making Kevin’s job easy. He needed something better, so he asked around, and John’s name came up.

John evaluated the environment, and came up with a solution. A mobile surveillance system that was easy to hide and easy to adapt to whatever the circumstances demanded. It worked like a charm. Over the years, Kevin and John worked on several other projects together.

When a friend suggested he and John make an affordable night vision option for boaters, Kevin loved the idea. As a Miami police officer, Kevin had been on scene after a number of boat collisions. He knew firsthand how dangerous boating at night can be.

That’s how Nite Track came to be. With Nite Track™ boaters now have a way to travel safely at night without worrying about collisions… and boaters can enjoy more time out on the water, doing what they love.

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