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Captain Bouncer Smith
Sport Fishing Expert and Radio Talk Host

The Night Vision Choice of Professionals

It wasn’t too long ago. I was visiting one of my Nite Track dealers, and I got to observe two very different buyers.

The first owned a big yacht. He was obviously wealthy. And when it came to choosing a night vision system for his boat, price was no object.

Except it was the only thing he was considering.

I’m sure you know these kinds of people in your own life. They want to buy the most expensive watch, car, house, suit… whatever. And they want the most expensive because they want to be able to brag about the price.

He was one of those. He wanted the most expensive option, and he didn’t really care which one it was or how well it worked… it was all about the status.

I shook my head, knowing that Nite Track would visually impress his yacht guests far more than the option he was going with. But the price tag didn’t have the bragging rights he was looking for.

The second buyer was very different. This man was the captain of a working ship. Being out on the water, often at night, was part of how he earned his living. So he had his livelihood to safeguard. And he had the lives of his crew to consider, too. A decision doesn’t get any more important than that.

He looked at each of the options carefully. He wanted one thing. The best way to see in the dark when he was out on the water at night.

Price was no object for him either.

If the best option cost the most, he would have chosen that.

But he chose Nite Track, even though it is far less expensive than most other night vision systems. He chose it because it simply delivers the clearest picture of what is ahead of you… even in near-total darkness.

Nite Track is the choice of professionals. And it can be your choice, too.

See why that boat captain made the choice he did .

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