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A Worry Free Way to Boat at Night with NITE TRACK Night Vision Technology

Being out on the water at night is something altogether different than boating during the day.

If you’re not a seasoned boater, or if you don’t have the right equipment, it can be a nerve-racking experience.

The water turns black after the sun goes down. And if you’re away from city and shore lights, the sky turns black, too. It can feel like you’re blind except for your GPS plotter. And boy, it can feel like you’re putting a lot of faith in that little device.

So why would you even want to go boating at night?

The answer is simple. There are experiences you can only have after dark.

A New Stargazing Experience

Stargazing on a boat far from shore is hard to describe.

You’re away from all the city light pollution. And the air pollution out over the water — particularly if you’re on the ocean —  is minimal, too. There are no physical obstacles to block any part of the sky. No mountains. No trees. No rooflines.

If you pick a night and go out after moonset, you’ll see stars like you’ve never seen them before. You won’t believe how crowded and beautiful the night sky is when you’re in truly dark conditions.

Pack your marine binoculars and use them to enhance the experience. With a good pair of high-powered binoculars, you can even see the four largest moons of Jupiter.

During meteor showers, you won’t find a better place to watch for shooting stars than on a boat far from the city lights. Under the ideal conditions that a boat can easily provide, you’ll see more meteors, ranging from the very dim to the unbelievably bright.

Striped Bass Fishing

Striped bass are a popular target among anglers. But in the summer time, these fish can be difficult to catch. During the heat of the day, they stay well away from the surface.

In the summer months, if you want to catch stripers, you’ll have much better luck if you head out on your boat in the cooler night-time hours.

The largest striped bass ever caught weighed in at more than 80 pounds.

Imagine catching something that big at night. Talk about a great fish story!

Taking in the Sunset

When you feel safe and comfortable boating at night, it changes the way you approach your days on the water. When you’re enjoying the breezes, having a great time, relaxing, and hanging out, there’s no rush to get to shore when the sun starts going down.

Instead of packing up and heading in, you can take in the sunset. Maybe snap some photos. Maybe put on some music… just to make a great day last a little longer.

Spending time out on the water at night is a beautiful, almost magical experience. It isn’t one that anyone should miss because they’re worried about the return trip to shore in the dark.

With Nite Track on board, you’ll be able to rest easy and decide when the day ends on your terms… not on the sun’s. You’ll know you can see the way back to shore clearly, even in near-absolute darkness. And that gives you everything you need to start spending more time on the water… no matter how late it gets, or how early it is.

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