Below you’ll find questions we commonly hear from people about Nite Track, its technology, and what to expect when you order your Nite Track system.

Below you’ll find questions we commonly hear from people about Nite Track, its technology, and what to expect when you order your Nite Track system.

What is Infrared illumination?

Infrared illumination is a longer wavelength of light that can’t be seen with the human eye. Infrared illumination is however very visible to the Nite Track sensor. Our infrared illumination is 860 nm and is near the peak spectral response of the sensor. This allows Nite Track technology to work, even in conditions that are nearing total darkness.

How far can I see with this?

Nite Track has a field of view of 14-degrees. How far you can see, depends on the size of the object that you are looking at. Typically, a channel marker can be detected and viewed, from about a mile away. Nite Track closely matches the human eye, allowing excellent depth and distance perception.

Does it need to be professionally installed?

The basic Nite Track Marine kit includes all the needed components to wire into your boat’s electrical system. If you are proficient with basic electrical work and hand tools, you’ll have an easy time installing Nite Track. If not, a professional installation is recommended.

Is it Weatherproof?

All internal optical components are housed in a sealed and
pressurized (with an inert gas to prevent moisture
formation) aluminum tube, just like expensive rifle optics.
The outer housing is made from aircraft aluminum,
primed, and epoxy coated in Bright White or Gloss Black.

Will my existing display work?

An existing display needs to be able to accept an analog video input to be used with Nite Track. Most new MFD displays will accept an analog/composite video signal and should work fine.

Does it have to be permanently mounted?

No, it can be ordered with an optional short arm and ram ball mount that allows easy removal.

What is the quality of resolution?

752 (v) x 582 (h) or 437,664 pixels

How do you differ from thermal imaging?

Nite Track uses advanced CCD technology. With Nite Track you can view the moon, the clouds and channel marker numbers, whereas with thermal imaging you can only view silhouette shapes. Nite Track also provides real-time sixty frames a second HD video for a seamless viewing experience. Thermal video images are displayed or “refreshed” at 9 frames per second (9Hz) or, if you pay thousands more, at 30 frames per second (30Hz). Nite Track gives you smooth, crisp video at 60 frames per second (60Hz), for the same affordable price.

Can I order custom parts?

There are many accessories available for Nite Track. If you require a custom part not available in our accessories department, feel free to call for a consultation.

Do you offer a warranty plan?

Yes. Nite Track comes with a two-year warranty on all parts and labor for any defect of workmanship or material.

How long will it take to receive my product?

Nite Tracks are generally in stock and will ship within one to two business days. In the event of a back order, we will notify you promptly.