Nite Track Marine

Nite Track™ Marine is a revolutionary integrated HD night vision system for boats of all makes, models, sizes and types. Nite Track™ interfaces with all leading MFDs and is designed to operate in near total darkness, providing crisp, high-definition, hands-free video in almost any nighttime environment.

Nite Track Marine is available in Black and White and comes with the “Hard-Duty” weldless aluminum mount of your choice: Standard (5″) at no additional cost or Tall (9″) for just $60 more.


Product Details

Imagine being able to see a paper cup at 100 yards away in the dark. With the Nite Track Marine, you can enjoy your time out on the water for as long as you want. You can relax and watch the sunset. You can stay out late with your friends, fishing for striped bass, watching for shooting stars, talking over the world’s problems well into the night. You can do it all without a care in the world because when you decide you want to head back to land, you’ll know you can make the trip in perfect safety, and that you can see clearly even in near-perfect darkness.

Dusk Over Water
Included in Box

Included in Box

  • Camera module with integral infrared Illuminator (Tip-Use the Illuminator to find hard-to-locate channel markers.)
  • Weldless aluminum “Hard-Duty” mount (not shown) and internal wiring (no DEUTSCH connector)
  • 25′ of cable with easy-to-follow installation and wiring instructions
  • Optional switch panel in 3″ round, white polycarbonate plate with water-resistant lighted bellows pushbutton switches

Technical Specifications:

Hyper Low Lux.00005 Lux
HD Resolution752(V) x 582(H) pixels
Pixel Count437,664 pixels
Frame Refresh Rate60 frames per second, or 60Hz (provides smooth video!)
Power Consumption
Camera alone200 milliamps
Camera/IR Illuminator400 milliamps

Product Dimensions:

Mounting Base Diameter3″
Camera plus Standard Mount Height:5″
Camera plus Tall Mount Height:9″
Camera Height:3.5″
Camera Width:3″
Camera Depth (Front to Back):8″