Nite Track Ranger

Take on the outdoors at night with Nite Track™ Ranger, our hand-held HD night vision unit. Whether you’re fishing, biking, hunting, or on night patrol, the Ranger will allow you to see everything around you in crisp high definition, even in near-total darkness.


Product Details

The Ranger is a self-contained hand-held Nite Track™ unit with an integral battery battery pack, providing more than ten hours of use (not including infrared illumination). A charging jack on the back of the Ranger allows the included charger to plug directly in for simplified charging. The Ranger also features a removable handle and can be used with an optional tripod and pan tilt head. The monitor is a 7″ water-resistant, fully adjustable, black-and-white screen.

Hunting at Dusk
Included in Box

Included in Box

  • Hand-held Ranger unit with Video-Out port for recording video images
  • “Quick-Charge” lithium battery charger
  • Hard case with foam cutouts
  • Warranty and operating instructions

Technical Specifications:

Hyper Low Lux.00005 Lux
HD Resolution320,000 pixels
Frame Refresh Rate60 frames per second, or 60Hz (provides smooth video!)
Power Consumption
Camera & monitor400 milliamps
Camera/IR Illuminator & Monitor600 milliamps